Respecting tradition

While every Pow Wow is different, respect is the common thread to good Pow Wow etiquette, and an appreciation of the deep cultural importance of Pow Wows to the Indigenous people is an ideal first step to guiding your actions and behaviour at our event.

  • Bring your own chair. The arena seating is reserved for the dancers and other participants.
  • Check with the Pow Wow host before taking any photos or video.
  • Put your camera away for all memorial dances.
  • You must be given permission from both the MC and the drum to record any songs. Many Pow Wows disallow this practice.
  • Unless you are wearing regalia, you may dance only during social songs. The MC will let you know of any dances in which your participation is invited.
  • Only those with the permission of the Lead Singer may sit at a drum.
  • Everyone must stand and men must remove their hats during the Grand Entry, Flag Songs, Invocation, Memorial, Veterans songs, and Closing Song.
  • Supervise your children. Do not let them in the dance arena unless they are dancing.
  • Do not carry children when you are dancing around the arbor or dance area as it is believed it could be viewed as holding something to offer to the spirits.
  • Do not touch anyone’s regalia without permission.
  • If you see a feather on the ground, do not pick it up. Let the arena director (or an Elder) know that you found one on the ground.  Dancers will dance around it and Elder will pick it up.
  • Absolutely no drugs, alcohol or pets are allowed on the Pow Wow grounds.
  • Pow Wow are a celebration of life, have fun!!